Summer Music Camps

Early-Bird 10% Discount Registration Deadline is Friday, June 6th.
While learning about musical instruments and basic musicianship skills, our campers also learn about the music of a nonwestern culture. For camps in 2014, we will be exploring the music of Africa and each camp will make an instrument of Africa. These instruments will range from the thumb organ to the xylophone and talking drum.
JUNE 23-27, 2014  --  9:30 -11:00 am
This camp will focus on exploring the basic musical concepts of high/low, fast/slow, loud/soft and long/short. Children will sing, move to music, play rhythm instruments and xylophones, listen to instruments of the orchestra and make an instrument for their use. The children will be introduced to quarter, half and whole notes and the basis of their rhythmic value.
Friday, June 27 at 10:30 am - demonstration for family and friends.
Tuition:  $40
GUITAR & DRUM CAMP  --  GRADES (completed) 5-11
JUNE 23-27, 2014  --  1:00 am - 4:00 pm

This camp is for beginners and early intermediate level students. Daily schedule:
     1:00 pm  Introduction to the language of music
     1:30 pm  Technique on the selected instrument
     2:20 pm  Refreshment break
     2:40 pm  Repertoire on selected instrument
     3:15 pm  Learning about the music of Africa
     4:00 pm  Dismissal
Friday, June 27 at 3:30 pm - demonstration for family and friends.
Tuition:  $75
JULY 7-11, 2014  --  9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Students attending this camp will explore different instruments including piano, guitar, drums, marimba, brass, woodwind and string instruments. Daily schedule:
     9:00 am  Introduction to the language of music
     9:30 am  Learning about the instruments (how they work and are made)
    10:20 am  Refreshment break
    10:40 am  Introduction to playing the different instruments
    11:15 am  Learning about the music of Africa
    12:00 pm  Dismissal
Friday, July 18 at 11:30 am - demonstration performance for family and friends.
Tuition:  $75
CHORAL CAMP  --  GRADES (completed) 3-12
JULY 14-25, 2014  --  9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Students will be divided into two groups depending on grade and previous choral experience. The classes will focus on the development of vocal technique (breath control, diction, voice placement, etc. and musicianship skills including reading skills and sight singing skills. High quality literature appropriate to the age level will be used to practice these skills. The camp runs Monday-Friday each week. Daily schedule:
   9:00 am  Vocal warm-ups and technique, ear training, sight singing/music reading technique
   9:45 am  Repertoire rehearsal
   10:45 am  Refreshment Break
   11:00 am  Repertoire rehearsal
   12:00 am  Lunch Break
   12:30 pm  Repertoire rehearsal/recording
   1:30 pm  Crafts creation for ProMusic Market
   3:00 pm  Dismissal
Tuition:  $200